Punch + Judy

Punch + Judy is a fun filled show with Mr Punch getting into trouble and the crocodile getting everyone shouting and joining in.

I can do Punch + Judy inside or outside depending on the event.


Balloons are provide at the end of all shows and Punch + Judy. You can book balloons separately for shops or venues at a set price.

Fetes + Outdoor Events

For fetes + outdoor events I provide a mobile stage that I do Punch + Judy from, then turn it into a magic stage and do balloons from it. All this is in one package deal, so you get all three for a set price.

Special Request

I also do Santa at Christmas, but you need to book early.

Our Services

Children Magic Shows

We offer 2 types of shows:

1. This is a 1 hour show consisting of a magic show and a balloon for each child at the end of the show. Each child that come up to help gets a goody bag. Birthday child gets a special gift relating to what they are into.

2. Similar to no.1 but for a longer time, it includes games such as musical statues and pass the parcel ( all prized and parcels provided by me.)

We offer a break for food which you provide and finish with magic and balloons.

This is a great way for you to relax and let me entertain the children, leaving you to just provide the food; Also themed parties catered for.

Adult Magic Shows

Not nothing rude just fun magic with adults helping me with comedy magic, with the birthday person or a person of their choice helping with a special surprise ventriloquist act at the end which will guarantee fun and laughter.